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Imam Burned to Death by Hindutva Mob in Haryana; Mosque Set Ablaze

Imam Burned to Death by Hindutva Mob in Haryana; Mosque Set Ablaze

In Haryana, a Hindutva mob vandalized and damaged a mosque, setting it on fire and murdering the imam. As reported by sources, four people died due to the Hindutva mob’s attacks, which erupted on July 31st in the Nuh district of Haryana.

The current events started with the VHP’s march in the Nuh district. Monu Manesar, alias Mohit Yadav, a listed criminal with the Haryana Police, was present in the procession. Who went on the run after setting fire to two Muslim youths in the name of cow vigilance. Some in the area questioned this, angered the Hindutva crowd, creating an uproar on July 31st.

The rioting that started in Nuh is spreading all over the state, as reported by Siasat Daily. They said the mob gunned down and set the Masjid e Anjuman ablaze in Sector 57. Imam Moulana Sahad died after being seriously injured and burned more than half of his body. Also, one more person, identified as Gurshid, got admitted to a private hospital in the town after getting burned.

As the rioting is spreading all over the state, the Muslims in Haryana live under the shadow of fear. Last night, the mob set fire to a tire puncture shop in Palwal owned by a Muslim man. The people are stating that all these incidents are happening with the support of the police, and they are doing nothing to stop the attacks. Meer Faisal, a freelance journalist, reports that the mob raided the Gurgaon area at midnight and attacked Muslims after confirming their identity. Section 149 is imposed on Nuh District until tonight to avoid gatherings, and the internet is suspended in this area to avoid spreading fake news and hatred, the Chief Secretary said.

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