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Category: Politics & Policy

October 7: When the Storm of Death Swept Over the Zionist Entity

Politically, the Zionist entity is in a fragile situation. Its intelligence services as well, which failed in collecting information about these operations, stand very much discredited. Opening a battle front with Gaza in the south and Hezbollah in the north, and the West Bank uprising in the interiors simultaneously is a major setback for the Zionist entity.

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Revamped Criminal Laws of India: The Paradigm of Draconian Authority and Linguistic Imposition

One could observe the definitions of these bills have been expanded, particularly what is meant by a terrorist act. In the new law it is regarded as intentional engagement “in an action to threaten the unity, integrity and security of India” by among other ways, ‘intimidating the government’ and ‘compelling government actions’. The law has been expanded to cover overseas individuals, entities, and acts. These vague provisions also perpetuate the police powers in constitutionally unacceptable powers, granting them unreasonably broad powers of arrest.

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