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The Four Calamities of the Ummah: Exploring Possibilities

The Ummah, the Muslim community worldwide, has faced a century of decline marked by four major catastrophes. These events have shaped the current political and security-related situation of the Ummah. The first catastrophe was the Crusader military occupation of Bayt al-Maqdes, preceded by the occupation of Egypt, Iraq, and parts of the Arabian Peninsula.

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Muslim Experiences in Resisting Imperialism and Fascism (Part one)

The origins of imperialism, and by extension fascism, lie in the Crusade campaigns that had existed since the Battle of Balaat ash-Shuhada (Tours/Poitiers) of Ramadan 114 AH / October 732 CE. It was a battle that was considered as the beginning of the Crusades and that of the concept of ‘Europe’ spanning the domains of Christendom was formulated, and an idea of Perennial war with the Muslim world- explicit and implicit- was developed.

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Doctrine of Loyalty (Part 2)

Since Islam is Almighty Allah’s religion and other beliefs falsehood and since Muslims govern their private beliefs as well as their words and deeds by Islam and since Islam decides the nature of private and collective relationships for Muslims, with clear concepts regarding all that, so it is natural that the doctrine of loyalty would occupy a great place in Islam, rather central position in its belief system.

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