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The Four Calamities of the Ummah: Exploring Possibilities

The Ummah, the Muslim community worldwide, has faced a century of decline marked by four major catastrophes. These events have shaped the current political and security-related situation of the Ummah. The first catastrophe was the Crusader military occupation of Bayt al-Maqdes, preceded by the occupation of Egypt, Iraq, and parts of the Arabian Peninsula.

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Assam Drive against the Child Marriage Heats the State

Sulthan Hussain ,National Secretary of SIO says ,“The child marriage(prohibition) act exists in our country back from a long time. But putting people behind bars in a rowdyish style, destroying thousands of happy families, is against the spirit of the law”
According to the media, more than 2,700 people have been arrested and sent to jail on the charge that they have been involved in the crime of child marriage.

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