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Tag: Sheikhul Islam Ibnu Thaymiya

Deeds of Heart: Insights from Ibn Taymiyyah- Part 2

All esoteric deeds like love of Allah, sincerity towards Him, trust in Him, contentment in His decrees, etc. are incumbent upon all Muslims. Abandonment of any of these is not praiseworthy in the case of any person. Whereas sorrow or remorse, is not something commanded by Allah or by His messenger (saaws).

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Deeds of Heart: Insights from Ibn Taymiyyah- Part 1

Discussions in this epistle include principles of faith (‘Iman’)  and foundations of religion. It includes topics like love for Allah and His Messenger, trust in Allah, sincerity in submission to Him, gratitude towards Him, perseverance in obeying Him, hope in Him, fear of Him and other related matters.

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