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11 Muslim Houses Demolished in India after Beef Found in Their Refrigerators

11 Muslim Houses Demolished in India after Beef Found in Their Refrigerators

In a highly detestful incident, authorities in Madhya Pradesh’s Mandla district demolished houses of 11 Muslim families after police claimed to have found beef and cattle remains in their refrigerators. This heavy-handed action is the latest in a continuing trail of what constitutes gross and blatant violation of human rights and due process.

The incident unfolded on Saturday in Bhainswahi village when a police team conducted raids, acting on a tip-off about a beef trade operation. According to SP Rajat Saklecha, they found around 150 cows tied up in the backyards of the accused families. The police further alleged that cow meat, animal hides, and skeletal remains were recovered from their refrigerators and premises.

Despite lack of legal provisions allowing demolition as punitive action, the district administration swiftly razed homes, claiming they were illegally constructed on government land. Revenue officials stated that prior notices had been issued alleging encroachments, providing residents an opportunity to respond.

Human rights activists and legal experts have vehemently criticised this demolition drive. “Rendering families homeless based on mere allegations and without following proper legal procedures is a travesty of justice,” said Rana Bajaj, a prominent human rights lawyer.

Authorities’ actions have also raised questions about proportionality of response. “Even if such allegations are true, demolishing entire homes is an excessive and inhumane punishment, particularly when legal recourses are available,” remarked social activist Arjun Singh.

Meanwhile, an FIR has been registered against the 11 accused under relevant laws, including the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act and the Cow Slaughter Prohibition Act. One person has been arrested so far, while a manhunt is underway for the remaining accused. The incident has reignited the debate around the controversial beef ban laws in certain Indian states. Critics argue that such laws infringe on personal freedoms and disproportionately target minority communities.

As the incident continues to draw nationwide condemnation, calls for a fair investigation and restoration of the affected families’ rights are growing louder. Human rights organisations have demanded immediate relief and rehabilitation measures for the displaced families, as well as accountability for unlawful actions by authorities.

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