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October 7: When the Storm of Death Swept Over the Zionist Entity

October 7: When the Storm of Death Swept Over the Zionist Entity

Palestinian liberation fighters are advancing in southern parts of territories occupied in 1948, conquering kibbutz and settlements. As retaliation, the Zionist entity is bombing all over Gaza.

What is Happening?

In an unprecedented event, the Palestinian liberation fighters in Gaza crossed the pre-1967 occupation lines of into the Gaza envelope and Siderot, which literally surprised the entire world, especially the Zionist entity, in an operation named “Al Aqsa Storm”. The United States-backed Zionist entity still could not wake up from the shock, which reminds it of the Ramadan war of 1973. The liberation fighters have captured hundreds of Zionist soldiers and civilians. They managed to seize control over 40 km stretch long area from the east of Gaza, capturing settlements including Erez checkpoint. The surprise attack commenced with a barrage of rockets to the occupied interiors of 1948 Palestinian territories as a cover for exploding the border fence and removing it for the fighters to cross over. For the first time in history, Palestinian fighters entered the battle simultaneously on air, land and sea. The death toll is rising after the Zionist military commenced its counter-operation named ‘Swords of Iron’ on Gaza. Videos showing Palestinian liberation troops paragliding and roaming around in the empty streets of Siderot and blowing up Zionist security installations, while the military tanks of Israel are set ablaze. Palestinian health ministry reports more than 560 deaths and 2900 injuries by the heavy bombardment of Zionist war planes on Gaza. On the Zionist side more than 800 deaths and 2500 injuries have been reported so far, which is the highest in history, according to Yedioth Ahronoth. Zionist Chief Of Defence forces Yoav Gallant has declared complete blockade of Gaza and that he will starve Palestinians to death. “I have ordered a complete siege on Gaza Strip. There will be no electricity, no food, no fuel, everything is closed. We are fighting human animals and we act accordingly,” said Gallant.

What is the reason?

First, the recent escalation is a response of Gaza to the stringent sanctions imposed upon them, continued atrocities of Zionist forces and daily raids of settlers, heavily protected by the Israeli military, into Al Aqsa mosque. Prior to this, battle of Saif-al Quds of 2021, was also waged as a response to the Zionist raids on Al Aqsa mosque. Deadly operations of the Zionist army in the West Bank, killing Palestinian civilians – including children – have culminated in this year. More than 200 Palestinians have been killed so far in the West Bank alone, this year. West Bank had recorded fierce resistance in 2022 and 2023 – most intense after the second Intifada. Occassionally, there would be rockets launched from Gaza in response. Palestinian individual operations have increased in the meantime – this is expected to rise since the war has broken out. Jenin Battalion in Jenin, Lion’s den in Nablus, etc. have received immense popular support despite widespread crackdown by the Zionist forces. Israel accuses Gazans of smuggling weapons to the West Bank through Jordan and Lebanon.

Other Dimensions

Politically, the Zionist entity is in a fragile situation. Its intelligence services as well, which failed in collecting information about these operations, stand very much discredited. Opening a battle front with Gaza in the south and Hezbollah in the north, and the West Bank uprising in the interiors simultaneously is a major setback for the Zionist entity.

Widespread protests against judicial overhaul by the Netanyahu junta in Zionist entity has been harbinger of a deep internal crisis there. Refusal of reserve air force pilots, government officials to report for duty as a protest also has deepened the crisis. Subject bills were passed in the Knesset in July in face of immense pressure.

Arab regimes’ normalisation with Zionist entity is a major concern for Palestinians & Muslims public, at large. After Netanyahu spoke about a comprehensive West Asian map omitting Palestine, while including Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain – it reflected the speculated normalisation with Saudi Arabian regime. American efforts in this regard is publicised to be twinned with a civilian nuclear project for Saudi Arabia. In between, Saudi Arabian regime has also warmed up to Russia and China, making them key players in the region. The recent Chinese-mediated rapprochement between Iranian and Saudi Arabian regimes is an instance of this approach. This rapprochement could pave a way for the exit of Saudi Arabia from its war in Yemen. Relations of Qatar with Palestinian groups have cooled down considerably, while Saudi Arabia has broken ice with them. Qatar currently seeks to avoid any escalation in Gaza. It has conveyed its reluctance in funding Gaza if its engagements were to continue, several reports quoted Mohammed Al Emadi, Qatar emissary to Gaza.

What next?

So far Palestinian groups have formed a buffer zone around East Gaza including Siderot, Kissufim and Zikim settlement areas. Repercussions of the attack has, so far, not ignited West Bank. Leader of Al Qassam Brigades, Muhammed-Al Deif has called upon every Palestinian who has a gun to join the battle. Hamas’s spokesperson Abu Obeida has reiterated its plans to advance on 1948 occupied territories and bomb Tel Aviv. Zionist ministry of energy has suspended electricity supply for Gaza, creating 80% cut in energy, intensifying humanitarian crisis in the strip. The US is moving its nuclear-capable aircraft carrier into the Mediterranean after Netanyahu sought its help. As usual, the US has pledged its unconditional help towards the Zionist entity. US secretary of state, Antony Blinken has repeated its rhetoric that it supports entity’s right to defence against terrorism.

Qatar is said to be trying to mediate and reach a prisoner exchange deal between Palestinian groups and Zionists. Iranian regime has rejected claims of its direct involvement in the conflict and warned the Zionist entity of retaliation if Iran gets attacked. Zionist opposition parties have agreed to make an emergency government in this situation. Zionist army has called its reserve forces to duty and is preparing for a brutal land invasion. “I say to the residents of Gaza: Leave now because we will operate forcefully everywhere,” Netanyahu posted in X – though the people of Gaza do not have any place to go.

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Muhammed Mukhtar

Student at Asian College of Journalism, Chennai. PG Graduate of International Studies in Jamia Millia Islamiya New Delhi

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Muhammed Mukhtar

Student at Asian College of Journalism, Chennai. PG Graduate of International Studies in Jamia Millia Islamiya New Delhi

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