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The Indian State against its Muslims

The Indian State against its Muslims

In the country with the ‘best constitution and democracy’, today Muslims and other minority-backward classes are encountering fascism. In a diverse and ‘secular’ India, the right-wing government is set to “ethnically cleanse” 204 million people, in hopes for the Hindutva raj aka Hindu Rashtra. Homes being destroyed, education denied, killed for loving food, hate speeches, demands for war against Muslims and other minority backward castes and many more scars of fascism.

In UP just days before, home of a student activist named Afreen Fathima was destroyed. Bulldozing homes of Muslims, Destroying their source of comfort and the place where they created memories, because they stood against the derogatory remarks made by the right-wing members against the prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the significant figure of Islam.

How would you feel if your source of comfort for 20 years is demolished instantly in one day? The effort of your earning being bulldozed in front of your eyes…? All because you believe in a religion or even have the name ‘Muslim’.

student leader Afreen Fatima’s house is demolished by the Prayagraj development authority by wrongly citing illegal construction but with the clear intention of politics of retaliation

A man was reportedly beaten by an RSS member, asking “Are you Muhammad?”. The 65-year-old Jain man was beaten to death on mere suspicion of him being a Muslim. A fifteen-year-old killed for raising his voice for insulting the prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Men, women and children are beaten and lynched by RSS.

Hijab was banned in the state of Karnataka. Students who couldn’t write their exams, students threatened to lose their lives… Denied their right to education, belief and dress.

The prophet of Islam Muhammad (PBUH) was insulted by spokespersons of BJP, the ruling party and no action was taken. It was only after a while BJP suspended Nupur Sharma and Naveen Jindal. The followers of the Party were in fact supporting the hate speeches delivered by the members. Demonstrations following the incidents were suppressed. Human beings as young as fifteen and old as 70 brutally beaten on roads in front of the police who were supposed to protect the people of the country at all risks, stood still, homes illegally bulldozed by the police, innocents taken as prisoners.

Derogatory remarks made by now-suspended BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma incited mass demonstrations from different quarters of the country, which are suppressed by the government using mass atrocities (photo: Indian Express).

Most recently, Teesta Setalwad, a rights activist, and RB Sreekumar, former DGP of Gujarat were arrested after an FIR filed against them by the Ahmedabad Crime Branch Inspector DB Barad following the Supreme Court judgment that gave a clean chit to Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the 2002 riot cases. They are being held, for they decided not to remain silent against the government’s games of black politics. They decided to speak for the innocent and oppressed. It is evident that the Judiciary is influenced by the government and plays a crucial part in the regimes’ games.

The Hindutva mob had conducted several programs that promoted people to spread violence against Muslims, holding swords and guns to take oath. Even small children had taken participation in these demonstrations. The supporters of RSS had said to rape Muslim women; kill the unborn children in a club house interaction. No UAPA cases were ever charged against these people. No investigation, no cases even though the people were against these hate remarks. The right-wing government is turning a blind eye on these actions whereas several other innocents’ lives are being tarnished, people who are identified as Muslims arrested, killed and injured.

Teesta Setalwad, a rights defender from India was arrested by Gujarat police. later she claimed she was roughed up and abused (PTI image)

Siddique Kappan, the journalist who went to report the ignominious Hathras rape case is still in jail for UAPA. Earlier, Junaid, a 15-year-old was stabbed to death on a moving train, accusing him of ‘beef-eater’ and ‘Pakistani terrorist’. Safoora Zargar, Sharjeel Imam and many more from student community were arrested for opposing the government. It is crystal clear that BJP wants to announce dictatorship in India, in the name of Hindu Rashtra.

Gregory Stanton, founder-director of Genocide Watch, warns that genocide of Muslims in India could take place. He identifies many early “signs and processes” of genocide in India, including hate stigmatizing of Muslims, their dehumanization- including terming them termites, and many targeted acts of hate violence.

Sidheeque Kappan said that the case is fake and he trust the judicial process, but still finds him languished in Mathura jail.

Indian Muslims face an extremely dangerous threat to their lives. The project of “ethnic cleansing” practiced by Hitler, Israel and many other fascists regimes is trying to be implemented in India. Indian Muslims are forced to recruit. Hindutva government is turning the secular nation into a majority religion country like Israel. Muslims are at the edge of mass killing and genocide like that was done to the Palestinian Muslims. The golden age of Hindutva is the black age of the country. All this stated, there is the ground strong enough to suggest that ‘Hindutva is in war with Muslims’

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Heba Maluk

The author is 11th Grade student at International Indian School, Jeddah.

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