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Significance of the Zionist Entity for the United States

Significance of the Zionist Entity for the United States

One of the United States’ most pronounced grievances in recent years has been its accusation against China and Russia of attempting to disrupt the so-called rules-based international order. This order, as it names it, is one where it sets rules but does not necessarily adhere to them. The second country granted this ‘luxury’ is the Zionist entity- the so called State of Israel, which has a reputation for flouting international order, ignoring international law, and sidestepping resolutions of the United Nations.

But how does the Zionist entity manage to circumvent these rules? The answer lies in the support of British-US imperialism. That raises the question: Why does the United States extend such a privilege? The answer lies in Zionism’s value to Britain and the US.

Zionist Entity – Imperialism’s Outpost

A name that encapsulates this value is that of US President Joe Biden. Back in 1986, Biden made a statement in this regard that still reverberates: “If ‘Israel’ did not exist, the US would have to create an ‘Israel’ to safeguard its interests in the region. I emphasize, the US would have to create an ‘Israel’ in the region!”

For Britain and the US, the Zionist entity has served as an outpost for safeguarding imperialist interests. The creation of this entity as an outpost is a feat on a historical scale.

British Prime Minister Lloyd George argued in favor of a Jewish state in Palestine for British interests. British Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour, in his renowned letter to Walter Rothschild, a financier of Zionism, dated November 2, 1917, revealed this stance of his country: “His Majesty’s government supports the creation of a national homeland for the Jewish people in Palestine and will utilize all means at its disposal to achieve this objective.” (Jonathan Schneer, Balfour Declaration: Origins of Arab-Israeli Conflict).

Moreover, Theodor Herzl, the ‘founding father’ of this entity, declared the mission of the Jewish state as an outpost. In his famous book “Der Judenstaat” (The Jewish State), he said: “For Europe, we can be there (Palestine) a part of the wall of protection against Asia, an outpost of civilization against barbarism.” (Walter Hollstein, Palestine Question).

Significance of US’ Aircraft Carriers

I revisit this ‘outpost’ assessment in light of a current development –

The US dispatching aircraft carrier fleets to support Israel is viewed as a signal that the US-Israel tandem is gearing up, advancing its West Asian project, redrawing cartographic lines, and establishing a new order.

I beg to differ. Even at the height of its power, the US only managed to advance the aforementioned project to a certain extent. Conversely, as its hegemony waned, the US fell short of its goals.

The US dispatching fleets of aircraft carriers is not to usher in a new order in West Asia. On the contrary, it is aimed at fortifying its old order and its outpost against a nascent new order, which runs counter to its interests. Because –

The US could not establish its second outpost, viz. Kurdistan, which would have bolstered Zionists; Iraqi Kurdistan failed to gain independence, and YPG’s statehood attempt in Syria was curtailed. Further, the Russian – Chinese axis is seen to be making advances in the region. Hence, the US is not in a position to redraw maps; instead, it is striving to preserve the existing status quo.

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