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Qatar Detains Eight Indian Navy Veterans on Espionage Charges Linked to Israel

Qatar Detains Eight Indian Navy Veterans on Espionage Charges Linked to Israel

Eight former members of the Indian Navy who had distinguished service in a variety of roles are reportedly being held in solitary confinement in Qatar for the past eight months. Their subsequent court date is set for May 3. They are currently facing serious espionage allegations that might result in the death penalty.

Capt. Navtej Singh Gill, Capt. Birendra Kumar Verma, Capt. Saurabh Vasisht, Cdr. Amit Nagpal, Cdr. Purnendu Tiwari, Cdr. Sugunakar Pakala, Cdr. Sanjeev Gupta, and Sailor Ragesh are the people who are accused. These eight former members of the Indian Navy have allegedly been charged with spying for the so-called state of Israel, and the Qatari authorities allegedly have electronic proof to back up this accusation, according to the newspaper story. The accused people were working with Dahra Global Technologies on a highly secretive project that involved building miniature submarines with stealthy features based on Italian technology.

The case of the eight former members of the Indian Navy who are accused of spying in Qatar has reportedly been raised to the highest level by Indian agencies, according to a report by ANI quoting official Indian sources. There are, however, no signs that the Qatari government will budge on the matter. Sources claim that the former Indian Navy officers may have been “framed” by Pakistani intelligence services, raising the possibility of wrongdoing.

Political leaders in India have not spoken out publicly about the situation or engaged in any high-level negotiations with the Qatari government to obtain the accused’s release. The Indian embassy in Doha is in touch with the families of individuals accused, according to spokesperson Arindam Bagchi during the Ministry of External Affairs’ weekly press briefings. The Indian government is also in contact with Qatari authorities. He added that they are looking at potential actions that could be taken prior to the upcoming court hearing, which is planned for early May.

The so-called state of Israel and the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), an extremist Hindu organization in power in India, share a close relationship rooted in their shared conservative political ideologies and shared concerns over national security. This relationship has led to increased diplomatic and military cooperation between the two nations in recent years.

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