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‘Don’t pray for Palestine’; Delhi Police’s directive to Imams sparks outrage

‘Don’t pray for Palestine’; Delhi Police’s directive to Imams sparks outrage

The Delhi Police has reportedly issued notices to imams of mosques, instructing them not to pray for Palestine and imposing a ban on any mention of the country during speeches, including on Fridays. The notice comes at a time when the Zionist entity’s carnage in Gaza have sparked global concern and calls for solidarity with the Palestinian people.

According to the Urdu daily ‘Inquilab,’ the Delhi Police has explicitly directed imams to refrain from leading prayers or making references to Palestine in their sermons. The directive applies not only during regular prayers but extends to the Friday congregational prayers as well. Authorities have warned of strict actions if the order is violated, raising concerns about potential infringements on religious freedom.

Reacting to the directive, Samajwadi Party Lok Sabha member Kanwar Danish Ali expressed strong opposition, stating that it is inappropriate for the police to intervene in religious practices. Ali emphasized that India’s foreign policy aligns with Palestine, advocating for its independence. He underscored the need for law enforcement to operate in accordance with the country’s established policies, which have consistently supported the Palestinian cause since the time of Mahatma Gandhi.

Meanwhile, All India Muslim Personal Law Board spokesperson Qasim Rasool Ilyas condemned the move, accusing authorities of infringing upon the democratic values that India upholds. Ilyas asserted that the act of prohibiting prayers for the oppressed contradicts the principles of the country, which claims to be the largest democracy globally.

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