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‘Slap him harder’: Indian teacher instigates Hindu students to slap their Muslim classmate

‘Slap him harder’: Indian teacher instigates Hindu students to slap their Muslim classmate

In UP’s Muzaffarnagar district, a distressing video that went viral on social media on Friday showed a female teacher from a private school encouraging students to assault their eight-year-old Muslim classmate. The teacher’s encouragement to the students to strike their fellow classmate with full force is quite explicit. She reprimands those students who express concerns about hurting their peers and boasts about her past disciplinary actions against Muslim students, vowing to do so again. Both the person filming the video on their phone and the teacher appear to derive enjoyment from the scene.

In the video, a child can be observed attacking another child in the presence of the teacher, identified as Tripta Tyagi, who actively encourages the students to continue their assault, as reported by Maktoob media. “Aey kya tum maar rahe ho iske.. jor se maaro naa…chalo aur kiska number hai?” (What are you doing? Why are you not hitting him harder?) the teacher instructs the students.

Priyank Kanungo, the Chairperson of NCPCR, requested on social media not to share the video to safeguard the identities of the children involved in the incident. “An incident has been reported in Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, where a teacher instigated other students to beat a child in the class; this incident has been acknowledged and action has been directed. Everyone is urged not to share the video of the child, refrain from conveying information about such incidents via email, and avoid participating in the crime by exposing the children’s identities,” wrote the NCPCR Chairperson.

“Mansoorpur station in-charge has been directed to investigate and take necessary action,” posted Muzaffarnagar police’s X (previously Twitter) handle. The abused student’s father mentioned that he is unwilling to proceed with a formal complaint. He added that he believes the legal system would not ensure justice for his son if he were to pursue the complaint against Tyagi.

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