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Riyas Moulavi Murder: Justice Deliberately Denied

Riyas Moulavi Murder: Justice Deliberately Denied

Murder of Riyas Moulavi – a mosque imam and madrasa teacher at Choori in Kasaragod district, northern Kerala – was an atrocity that shocked the prevalent peaceful atmosphere in Kerala.

On March 20, 2017, Riyas Moulavi was sleeping inside the mosque when RSS rogues encroached the place at night and killed him by slitting his throat. On 2024 March 30, the accused RSS murderers were acquitted by district court.

Kasaragod District Sessions Court judge KK Balakrishnan delivered this ‘verdict’. The prosecution argued that it was a deliberate attempt to create sectarian strife and communal riots, and that Riyas Moulavi was killed by the accused by slitting his throat. It could be understood from the judgment that the judge did not value life of the victim.

The fact that Riyas Moulavi is a Muslim was the only reason that inspired the Hindutva murderers to murder the innocent 27-year-old youth, who lead a simple, socially reclusive life. It needs to be underlined hereby that in contemporary India, jurists share stance of Hindutva assailants, as could be witnessed from recent justice delivery process and judiciary functioning. Instances of unjust verdicts keep emanating frequently, most notably the infamous Babri Masjid verdict.

That the accused were acquitted despite abundance of evidence is yet another instance debunking impartiality boasted by Indian judiciary. Eventhough the court, in this case, was presented with photographs of the accused in RSS uniform and BJP campaign caps, the judge expressed that he was not convinced about association of the accused with RSS! This itself serves as the best proof of political interference in the ‘judgement’. This is yet another one in the increasing trail of cases where the accused are acquitted in case they happen to be associated with the RSS. Lawyers, army generals and police officers who work for Hindutva while in service and join Hindu rogue organisations after retirement are now a common spectacle.

As such, State police, prosecution and court have, once again, colluded to save Hindutva goons involved in brutal murder of a poor soul. Going by similar precedents, it would also not at all be surprising if this judge would be promoted generously in his future career ladder.

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