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Hamas’ Popularity Surges Threefold Among Palestinians, Recent Poll Shows

Hamas’ Popularity Surges Threefold Among Palestinians, Recent Poll Shows

A recent poll reveals that three-quarters of Palestinians believe that Hamas’ resistance on October 7 against Zionist entity was justified. This sentiment is accompanied by an overwhelming rejection of Western-backed PA President Mahmoud Abbas, with almost 90% of Palestinians asserting that he should resign.

The respected Palestinian polling institute, Palestinian Center for Policy Survey and Research (PCPSR), released its findings amid growing international concern over the rising civilian casualties in the Zionist genocide in Palestine, now in its third month.

Seventy-two percent of participants believed that the resistance war in Southern Occupied Palestine by Hamas was a “correct decision,” while 22% considered it incorrect, and the remainder were undecided or did not respond.

A poll conducted by the institute discovered that support for Hamas rose in Gaza and tripled in the West Bank compared to pre-genocidal period surveys.

In contrast, only 11% of Palestinians are satisfied with Mahmoud Abbas. Abbas’s popularity has plunged amid almost a decade-old US-mediated Palestinian talks for a Palestinian state alongside a settler state.

The PA administers pockets of the Zionist-occupied West Bank and governed Gaza until a takeover by Hamas Resistance Fighters in 2007. Palestinians have not held elections since 2006 when Hamas won a parliamentary majority in democratic elections.

The poll also pointed to widespread frustration with the international community, especially the United States, key European countries, and even the United Nations, which has pressured for a swift humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza.

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