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Resilience in Gaza Inspired Famous Influencer to Embrace Islam

Resilience in Gaza Inspired Famous Influencer to Embrace Islam

American activist and TikToker Megan Rice converted to Islam after she was inspired by the resilience of people in Gaza who are facing genocide and started reading the Quran. In a live broadcast on her TikTok page, Megan was seen recently pronouncing Shahadah (testimony of faith) announcing her conversion to Islam, and expressing that she feels safe and secure wearing a hijab.

Since the beginning of the war on Gaza, Megan has become famous in the Arab world for her defense of the Palestinians facing genocide, asking for the reasons for their steadfastness, faith, and strength in the face of the Zionist aggression.

“I made a video expressing my admiration for the Palestinian faith, and people commented, ‘Well yeah, girl, that’s Islam. Have you read the Quran? You should probably read the Quran,’” she said in a video shared on her TikTok account, @megan_b_rice.

She continued saying, “I have time, and I am curious to research and learn. I have started reading the Quran to know the secret of the source of the strength of the people of Gaza.”

Discovered the direct style of the Holy Quran surahs and the freedom of divorce and remarriage for women without obstacles, she said. She also started a Quran book club on TikTok to educate everyone about Islam as well as other religions.

In an Instagram post, she explained that the aim of the campaign was to combat Islamophobia, racism and understand the meaning behind why Palestinian people hold the Koran and its teachings so close to them. Meghan chose to convert to Islam after finding its teachings compatible with her personal beliefs.

Her social media accounts showed her daily English translations of Quranic verses she read. Social media users celebrated and congratulated her on this step, which was welcomed and greatly praised.

The content is based on the original report by Siasat Daily, and the title has been creatively modified

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