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Horrific Hate-Fueled Rampage:RPF Constable Shot Dead MuslimPassengers

The incident occurred around 5 am, near Vaitarna Railway Station, approximately two hours away from Mumbai. Singh fired 12 rounds from his automatic service weapon, targeting ASI Meena first inside the B-5 coach. He then shot and killed Abdul Kadir, followed by an unidentified man in the pantry car. Finally, he moved to the S-6 coach and shot Asgar Kai, who was a bangle seller from Jaipur.

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Echoes of Babri: Allahabad HC Dismisses Gyanvapi Plea; Worship Rights Acknowledged

The Allahabad High Court has declined the revision plea put forth by the Gyanvapi Mosque Committee, upholding the Varanasi Court’s ruling that dismissed their objection to a lawsuit initiated by five Hindu women worshippers. The High Court stated that seeking the right to worship Hindu deities within the mosque premises does not change the character of the Gyanvapi Mosque into a temple.

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