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Former VHP Leader Maniyan Detained for Casteist Slur Against Ambedkar

Former VHP Leader Maniyan Detained for Casteist Slur Against Ambedkar

Former VHP leader Maniyan  was detained for his anti-Ambedkar remarks. The former head of the Tamil Nadu chapter of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), RBVS Maniyan, was detained on Thursday due to comments he made about Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. The Mambalam police confirmed Maniyan’s detention and stated that he had been charged under several IPC statutes, including the SC/ST Act.

The former VHP leader said that the Indian Constitution was not drafted by a single individual but rather through a collaborative effort while speaking at a private event here on Monday. He asserted that a 300-person committee under the direction of Rajendra Prasad, the nation’s first President, wrote the Constitution. Maniyan claimed that some idiots were claiming that Ambekdar was the one who drafted the Constitution and added that these individuals had sold their brains for a pawn. He added that Ambedkar was a Chakkliyar, but VCK President Thirumavalavan is a Paraiyar caste, and that he did not share the same caste as the latter.

Additionally, he said that Rajendra Prasad, not Ambedkar, who was only the head of the drafting committee, should have received credit for creating the Constitution. Maniyan continued by claiming that Ambedkar never claimed to have written the Constitution. The former VHP leader said, “Ambedkar had verified the discussions, debates, and speeches and clarified them; he had made no contribution.”

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